Customer Stories

We're helping drilling businesses work smarter, not harder.

Kris Hines

Long Term Drilltracker User

“Before the inception of the Drilltracker software, keeping up to date with job logs and reporting was taking hours a day, as everything was hand written and due to multiple worksites and locations with the a variety of plant + equipment this equalled a ton of manual reports and handwriting.”

Ray Oakes

Satisfied Drilltracker User

“The Drilltracker is such an easy and reliable software to use because it speeds up the process off getting paper work to the office as I’m always working out of town and away from the office. I also like it because I don’t need a diary anymore as my daily job logs are always online.”

Kane Wright

Operations Manager

“As Operations Manager of a drilling team in the South Island of New Zealand, we find Drill Tracker saves time and less stress. Having all the information stored in one place leaving us with no more paper trials. The layout of Drilltracker is easy to follow and very effective.”

Russell Sherwin

CEO & Founder of ProDrill

"We had been in business for over 30 years and business was booming. With growth came alot of challenges,increased competition, compliance and Health and Safety and the pace of business picking up with clients expecting instant responses, quotes and plans we were starting to get speed wobbles."

"10 years ago supporting this we had a bunch of systems and processes; Xero for accounting, a white board and desk pads for planning at the office; our quoting was all done on Microsoft excel, Health and Safety manuals in each truck, often out of date and forms and paper for Africa. To be honest it was a cluster ****. Now were on Drilltracker its hard to imagine how we coped.

"We have visibility across the business from quoting to Invoicing and everything in between and everything is integrated managed on ipads. Management all our people and our clients know exactly what is happening. Drilltracker is brilliant"