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Live Geo

Provide your clients with high quality reports quickly and easily from site. Live Geo enables you to send daily drilling logs to your client with photos and a tailored core graph.

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Job Management

View all your organisation’s jobs, track Profitability of your jobs, see staff and assets allocation, and important milestones and dates all from one place.

Staff Management

View staff locations, track Profitability of your jobs, see staff and asset allocations. Organize important milestones and dates all from one place.

Time Sheets & Reporting

Digital Staff time sheets are done instantly whenever you want and emailed from the site no more paper and reporting and invoicing can be done whenever you want.

Quoting & Invoicing

Generate a quote in minutes using job templates and customise them however you like.

When the job is finished, generate an invoice from your quote by sending it to XERO,MYOB or Quickbooks and get paid as you go.

Client Data Base
& CRM link

All of your clients data is held in your data base and you can easily use this in any form to set up a CRM system that works for you

Document Editor

Digitalize all your paperwork. Upload a PDF version of any paperwork you have and the Drilltracker Docu Digital system helps you convert it into a digital document.

Asset Management

Move away from manual, labour-intensive processes that are costing your business time and money.

With preventative and reactive maintenance features, you can keep a detailed and customisable report of every asset you create with information ready to review in seconds.

Stock & Consumables Management

Order new materials with ease

Keep your business well-stocked but not overstocked or order new parts for a job straight off your bill of materials.

Health and Safety Management

No More folders or Paperwork.

With Drilltracker its Simple. Attach it or access it from any job anwhere in the world. Or upload a PDF and attach it to a job.

User Management

You set Levels of Access split between Administrator and Staff Users. Administrators have full access Staff can only process daily paperwork and cant see financilas, Invoicing quoting prices and scheduling staff and assets and cant edit

Secure Data and Access

Your data is yours no one else has access Backup is every hour to multi country and cloud based sites if the system falls over You will be live again at the click of your mouse. You set access levels between Administrator users and Staff users.


Drilltracker is an online based system, meaning you can access all information, assets and people from anyplace, anytime on any device. Take Drilltracker with you wherever you go!

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