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A lot of our clients are like what we were 10 years ago. We had a bunch of systems and processes; Xero for accounting, a white board and desk pads for planning at the office; our quoting was all done on Microsoft excel, Health and Safety manuals in each truck, often out of date and forms and paper for Africa. Staff didn’t know what they were doing at the end of each day and we had to call them all.

We had no visibility across the business or a snapshot of daily profitability and our response times and communication to clients and staff was terrible. To be honest it was a complete shambles.


Its hard to imagine how we coped. Drilltracker brings all of your current management systems, into one easy to manage platform. It deals with all parts of your business in one place instantly boosting your productivity, your businesses profitability and your sanity. Also, its 100% secure.

Quoting check.
Staff and equipment schedules check.
Daily logs check.
H&S forms check.
Invoicing check.

Built knowing our clients aren't IT experts, so you can be a pro in no time. It’s got everything you need all visible on a tablet or phone

We intergrate every part of your business into one world class system.

We are digital experts, passionate about what we do.

Drilltracker is our world class, cloud based drilling managment software designed to help you and your business move away from manual, labour-intensive processes costing you time and money.

Drilltracker enables your business to continue working even when you’re not. If you are looking to upgrade your business, you can start a free trial or give us a call!




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Businesses with digital platforms can sell for much greater multiples than those without. Drilltracker adds value to your business!

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A key part of any business strategy is to keep up with modern times. Future-proof your drilling business today.

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